Why Go Fat


Trends always have a polarising impact; they generate followers that are as many as haters. The bicycle business is no exception. Enough fads have come and gone in the last couple of decades of biking, some who have become fixtures of our sport and those who have faded into obscurity.

Therefore, why would any self-respecting cyclist be found dead on a fat bike? There are a multitude of reasons, including the initial floating over snow, sand or mud, but perhaps the best reason is mostly shared by riders of this form of bike: it’s fun.

Should you say goodbye to your everyday bike for a fat bike? Not a chance! But there exists a simple enjoyment which is included with forgetting about things such as bike weight and speed, and Strava times, and instead, charging your favourite single-track on plastic that is big and a steel framework. Perhaps you also will love a bicycle that is fat, as the rocks and roots disappear beneath you. If anything, at least you attempted.

Tee Hee

Hi, I'm Tee Hee, an adventurous outdoors guy always looking for a new adventure. I am always willing to try anyone once.

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