Treadmill Desk are the way to healthy and wealthy future


Let me tell you why I felt the need to spend on a treadmill desk. I am sort of wedded to computers since the last 27 odd years. Back then, systems were slow, and what they could do was fascinating. So there I was, sitting for hours together in front of those hideous systems, not realizing that my leg muscles were strictly following the principle of “use it or lose it”. Soon I began shirking work, and that was not the only reason my marriage nearly fell apart. That brought me to my senses, and I started hitting the gym. When I changed my job, it became difficult to keep up with that routine. I rapidly gained weight and I knew I had to do something about it, pronto. One of my former colleagues suggested that I buy LifeSpan’s Treadmill desk. So I poured all my 6 years gym savings in its lowest model which does not allow me to jog, or run, but it allows me to increase my walking speed based on my enthusiasm.

What I like about this treadmill desk

a. It is sleek and does not look awkward in my room. So I could use it in my family room too.

b. I can decide on speed, which is actually a characteristic of any treadmill anyway. The lowest speed is perhaps the best for me, as I can concentrate on what I am doing, without being distracted too much. Higher speeds make it difficult for me to concentrate, especially any work that requires typing. I guess youngsters would be fine with slightly higher speeds.

c. It fits my budget. I paid about $1099 AUD.

d. There is a safety lock. God bless them for that.

e. Desk is large enough to accommodate two monitors and keyboards apart from my water bottle, and coffee cup.

f. I workout without paying to outsiders, and I am losing some of that fat without realizing I am doing it. I even save on travelling time and gas expenses as the nearest gym is about 7km away.

g. The height adjustment is easy because there is a button for that. My wife is short by local standards.

What I would have liked even better

a. Part of the treadmill at the back rising up like a chair with a press button, so that when we are tired, we can take rest.

b. Less volume so that others in the office cannot hear the noise from the treadmill. That is where it is used the most.

c. The desk needs drawers to place papers and things, like conventional desk, and a dustbin.

Going forward, treadmill desks may soon become an integral part of every office, at least those homes that fear exorbitant health care costs.

Tee Hee

Hi, I'm Tee Hee, an adventurous outdoors guy always looking for a new adventure. I am always willing to try anyone once.


    • If you live in Melbourne, you can go to the lifespan showroom, address is on their website.

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